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5 Ways to Humanize Your Tracks
Live Electronica artist, Kent Barton, offers a few simple tips to turn a repetitive, robotic track into a song that feels more alive. Read article

EQ Series - Part 6 - The Rest of the Kit
EQ tips for tom drums and cymbals. Part 6 in a series on the basics of EQ by Justin Matley. Read article

Making Use of Nothingness
Using distance mic'ing techniques to capture room reverb and reflections. Read article

Time Travel via TC/E
Tips for getting better results from Pro Tools' Time Compression/Expansion (TC/E) function. Read article

Pro Tools Assertion Errors and You
Justin Matley shows how to fix those pesky Assertion Errors in Pro Tools. Read article

EQ Series - Part 5 - Snare Drum
The basics of snare drum equalization in the studio. Read article

Basics of Compression
Tips on using audio compression in the recording studio. Read article

EQ Series - Part 4 - Kick Drum
The basics of EQ-ing the kick drum are covered. Read article

Workin' The Room
Tips for planning your recording studio space. Read article

EQ Series - Part 3 - Electric Bass
The basics of EQ-ing electric bass are covered. Read article

EQ Series - Part 2 - Guitars
Guitar equalization basics in the studio are covered. Read article

GigaStudio: DSP Station Metering
Using your soundcard for accurate metering is your best bet. Read article

GigaStudio: Updating Tips
Advice on upgrading GigaStudio and GVI including fixing issues. Read article

Keeping Your GigaStudio License After Reinstall
Reinstalling GigaStudio to alleviate recurring problems with the software. Read article

EQ Series - Part 1 - Vocals
The basics of vocal equalization in the studio. Read article

Why is GVI a newer version than GigaStudio?
Decoding GigaStudio and GVI version numbers Read article

GSP Corrupted? Maybe not...
Dealing with a corrupted GSP file in GigaStudio. Read article

Quit Playing EQ-Matching Charades
Time saving advice for matching effects settings in Pro Tools. Read article

Get Your Vocalist Off SlimFast
Easy tips for getting a full vocal sound Read article

Maximize Use of RAM in Gigastudio
Get your Giga samples to run from memory for optimal performance. Read article

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