LiveBook / Mobile Audio Workstation

LiveBook wants to be an instrument.

You hear those sounds in your head. You feel the beats. For DJ's. For pro audio. Make your kind of music starting at just 749.

LiveBook was designed to help you bring to life all the sights and sounds in your imagination. It's a mobile canvas that invites you to express yourself wherever you happen to be at the time.

LiveBook - DJ + Audio Notebook

Performance On The Road

Engineered for heart stopping performance in the club or in the studio. Create something amazing. Wherever, whenever.
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Designed For Creativity

Get every ounce of performance from your DJ, audio and video software. No dropouts, no glitches. Plug & Play just took on a whole new meaning.
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Creative Computer Support

You're never alone. RainCare Support is designed to help you stay in the creative zone so you can spend more time making music.
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Make music.

LiveBook works with all your software.

LiveBook is designed to work with your creative software, plug-ins and virtual instruments so you can get every ounce of performance from apps like Pro Tools and Adobe CS5. When you don't have to worry about performance, there's a lot more time to create something incredible.

… and your audio gear.

Every detail of LiveBook is focused on giving you a smooth experience with your pro sound card and DJ interface. Tireless testing, carefully chosen components and technology that prevents glitches, dropouts and distortion. With LiveBook, the music never stops.

Unlimited power for your tracks, plugins and synths.

Intel Sandy Bridge series Core i3, i5 and i7 dual-core processors

Introducing the next generation of mobile processing. Intel "Sandy Bridge" processors have arrived and LiveBook gives you a choice of Core i3, 15 or i7. Having a high performance audio computer means never having to choose between your favorite reverb or just one more guitar track. Advanced processor, memory and hard drive technology gives you the headroom you need to bring your music to life.

This computer has the look, feel, and performance of a well-crafted instrument, and it's a joy to use.

–Craig Anderton, Keyboard Magazine

No glitches, dropouts, heat or noise.

Quiet Cool prevents glitches, dropouts, heat and noise

It's the music you want to hear, not the computer. LiveBook uses a balanced component architecture and intelligent cooling to preven overheating and excess noise. It's called Quiet Cool™ Design and it also helps cut down on data bottlenecks that cause pops and clicks when they're least welcome.

Windows 7, tuned by Rain for Creative Computing.

Windows 7 tuned by Rain for Audio and Video

Introducing the world's most powerful, stable and compatible operating system for audio production. Windows 7 64-bit is carefully tuned by Rain after tireless testing with popular software and hardware. In concert with a custom BIOS, LiveBook becomes the perfect balance of awesome performance and mission-critical stability.

Totally upgradeable.

Windows 7 tuned by Rain for Audio and Video

As an artist, you're going to evolve. Your audio computer should do the same. With an array of ports like USB 3.0 and eSATA to plug in all your gear plus easy upgradeability when you're ready for a performance boost, LiveBook gives you options with room to grow. Add more memory for better performance or a bigger hard drive to store all your tunes.