LiveBook / Mobile Audio Workstation

Get more performance from your software.

LiveBook's entire system performed beautifully with all of the audio tests we threw at it.

–Remix Magazine

From Pro Tools to Premiere.

This is how your software was meant to run. Get every ounce of performance without glitches or crashing. We take the time to test and certify the software you want use. The result is pure creative freedom. Imagine breathtaking video, crystal clear audio and an infinite canvas for your creativity.

More performance from your software.

There's a fine line between "compatible" and "mind blowing performance". Your audio and video software is compatible with most computers. But there's nothing like a dedicated, workstation-class LiveBook to push the boundries, giving you the right tools to bring your music to life.

Surf, download and email without viruses.

LiveBook with up to 8GB of 1066MHz DDR3 dual channel memory Introducing RainZone Internet Safe Zone. Having two computers isn't always practical. But we also understand that when it comes to your Rain computer, you want to keep everything safe and sound. RainZone is a virtual computer you can use to surf and download without infecting your LiveBook.

Easy to use. Just click the RainZone icon on your desktop and a virtual computer comes to life. Email, surf, download and chat without worrying about viruses and malware. If RainZone gets a virus just shut down RainZone and that "computer" doesn't exist anymore - so neither does the virus!

The world's most powerful, stable and compatible OS for audio and video.

Everything about Rain is focused on audio and video - even the operating system. It's a whole new generation of Windows 7, tuned by Rain for power, stability and compatibility with your creative software and hardware. Oh, how things have changed.

Windows 7, tuned by Rain.

Windows 7 tuned by Rain for Audio and Video Squeeze every drop of performance out of your creative software. By carefully tuning the operating system for audio and video production, we've created a Windows 7 that's stable, compatible and perfectly suited for the software you use to make audio and video.

Compatible with everything.

Software Compatibility There's a difference between compatible and "compatible". The second one means it technically works with your operating system but who knows how well. There's no need to wonder with LiveBook and Windows 7. Install your software and see how it was really meant to work.

Stability you can rely on.

Rain engineered to be reliable and stable Rain users know there's really no good time to crash. That's especially true in the middle of a show or during a recording session. Stability is key and LiveBook's got it in spades with a specially tuned version of Windows 7 designed to make sure you can stay in the creative zone.

Custom BIOS.

Custom BIOS for big performance gains Using a custom BIOS makes a big difference in the performance of LiveBook. By carefully tuning your system at the very deepest level, we're able to eek out more power and ensure a more stable and compatible environment. Add your software and hardware. You'll feel the difference.