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Nimbus Project Studio, a serious performer. Utilizing Intel's latest "Sandy Bridge" technology in two stunningly powerful versions giving you a rock solid platform for pushing your projects over the edge.

Project Studio

Stability and reliability with enough power for the most demanding projects, the Nimbus Project Studio is where it all starts and can go wherever you need it to.

Project Studio Plus

More than an upgrade, this is a whole new level of Nimbus with unlocked processing power and water cooling for benchmark breaking performance.



Nimbus specifications
Project Studio Project Studio Plus
Processor Intel Core i5 2300 2.8GHz Intel Core i7 2500K 3.3GHz (Unlocked to 4.4GHz)
Motherboard Intel DH67GD Intel DP67BG
Memory 2GB DDR3 1333MHz 4GB DDR3 1333MHz
OS Drive 500GB SATA III 6Gb/s 500GB SATA III 6Gb/s
Audio Drive Optional Optional
Optical Drive DVDR/RW DVDR/RW
USB 8 x USB2, 2 x USB3 8 x USB2, 2 x USB3
FireWire 2 Ports, VIA Chipset 2 Ports, TI Chipset
Graphics Intel HD 2000
AMD Radeon HD 5450
PCI/PCIe 3 x PCIe, 1 x PCI 5 x PCIe, 2 x PCI
LAN Gigabit Gigabit
Audio 7.1 HD onboard
Compatible with all audio interfaces and soundcards
7.1 HD onboard
Compatible with all audio interfaces and soundcards
PSU Corsair CX500W Corsair CX500W
Input Optional Optional
OS Windows 7 32-bit Windows 7 64-bit
Noise reduction Arctic Freezer CPU Cooler Corsair H50 Water Cooler
Warranty One year hardware warranty
Lifetime technical support
One year hardware warranty
Lifetime technical support
Price (inc VAT) £649 £899

1GB = One billion bytes when referring to hard drive capacity. Actual formatted capacity is less.




Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Read what Rain Customers think about their Nimbus workstation:

"As a complete novice in this industry, I took a quantum leap and went all out with the new NIMBUS combined with Sonar 7, What an incredible piece of technology! Truly satisfied with my Nimbus. Tech support, these guys are at the top of their game, resolved my questions and technical issues instantaneously! Thank you for engineering a great product."

Adrian R

"Hello, must say what a good investment this was... I just purchased a Rain Recording Nimbus desktop, and decided to upgrade to the Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66 ghz processor. I have Adobe Creation Suite Production Studio Premium 3, and Cakewalk Sonor Power Studio 6 loaded. I'm amazed of the quietness of the system as a whole; athough skeptical at first,because of the light weight, I now know this is a quality machine and I hope to have it for years to come.

Setting next to me is a Dell XPS unit that is almost identical in specs and higher in price. I can't compare the two machines any further than that. There is no comparison!"

Doyle G.

"This Rain Recording model (Nimbus) is the fastest PC ever reviewed in SOS, and also one of the quietest."

Martin Walker
Sound On Sound Magazine (UK)

Digital Audio Workstation

This is the very nature of the Nimbus, to fulfil the role as the creative centre of your recording environment. It can stream multi-track, high definition audio without breaking a sweat and then take on stacks and stacks of effects and instrument plug-ins. Whether live recording, writing orchestral scores, building tracks with loops or messing around with monstrous virtual synths the Nimbus Project Studio enables you to get stuck in.

Stability Assured

Combining the latest Intel "Sandy Bridge" Core i5/i7 processors with high performance Intel motherboards brings a level of stability and compatibility not often found in other combinations. Bottle necks are virtually nonexistent, the integrated memory controller ensures solid data through-put, the enhanced connectivity of the H67 and P67 chipset means there's no compromises or risk of hardware clashes. Even the onboard firewire port has the chipset favoured by most interface manufacturers. Nimbus Project Studio is the fastest, most stable and most connected platform we've seen in a long time and with Windows 7 it's unstoppable.

Project Studio or Project Studio Plus?

Previously the "Plus" version of a Rain system is the same as the regular one but with a number of upgrades. With the Nimbus this is different. The Sandy Bridge platform has given us two different chipsets and motherboard, one that favours the integrated nature of the CPUs and another that pushes the limits in terms of overclocking. The regular Project Studio features a smaller motherboard and uses the Intel HD graphics that’s now baked into the CPU itself. This allows us to offer a very powerful system at a fabulous price – hundreds of pounds cheaper than the previous Nimbus but much more powerful. The Project Studio Plus exploits the features of the Intel "Extreme" P67 chipset motherboard to allow for unlocked CPU performance boosting power to 4.5GHz when you need it most. The CPU is watercooled for complete stability under pressure and the board also uses discrete graphics which can be upgraded as far as you like. Which should you choose? The Project Studio Plus is always the more powerful choice, however the regular Project Studio is certainly no slouch and for the money there’s nothing to beat it.