Rain & Avid Special Edition ION Artist Workstations

Complete solutions for Pro Tools HD

Pro Tools HD is the professional standard in audio production. What it often lacks is a dedicated and supported computer platform. With Pro Tools increasingly offering Host based processing to compliment or replace the DSP processing the computer at the heart of the system is becoming more critical. Rain can now offer The ION Artist SE to address these concerns.

Rain can also provide a solution for older PCI-X based Pro Tools systems. Technology has moved on and HD cards made the move to the PCI Express platform about the same time Apple stopped using regular PCI slots in their computers. This leaves a lot of Pro Tools users without a platform to install and use their older cards once their current computer needs updating. Rain has put together an excellent, sub 1000, up-to-date Quad core system with precisely the three PCI sots needed for running the older HD3 system.

ION Artist SE PCI Express

Quad or Hexa Core Xeon Processors
Gigabyte X58 Chipset Motherboard

Supports up to HD3 with the PCI Express based HD cards
From 1299


Core i5 or i7 Quad Core Processors
Asus P55 Motherboard

Supports up to HD3 with the PCI-X based HD cards
From 999

Power to the Host

Pro Tools NATIVE With the release of Pro Tools HD Native it's more important than ever to find a system with uncompromising power. The ION Artist packs an awesome punch with its blisteringly fast Xeon processor. Or, if you need something more, something to really set you apart from the crowd then consider our Element Artist Dual Xeon workstation for up to 12 Core processing*.

* not suitable for HD DSP cards


The release of Pro Tools 9 brings support for both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows 7, although it remains a 32bit application. We recommend opting for Windows 7 64bit as it will give you access to more RAM and future proof your system for when Pro Tools becomes a native 64bit application. If you are wishing to use Pro Tools 8 or earlier then we recommend using Windows XP or Windows 7 32bit for assured compatibility, Windows 7 64bit is not officially supported.

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